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LAVA is used for numerous purposes across VulcanVerse and is the life-blood of the entire ecosystem. Players are rewarded with Lava by simply playing and engaging with any Vulcan Forged made or hosted game. Lava can be separated into 2 pools Hot and Cold, whereby cold is “passively” earned and hot is “actively” earned through in-game actions. Unlike the PYR token, Lava holds no monetary value, is held off-chain, and cannot be traded. However, Lava is required for maximum Play to Earn potential and in order to do any of the following.

  • Upgrade your Avatar
  • Upgrade Vulcanite stats
  • Upgrade Land
  • Upgrade Gods
  • Enter Tournaments
  • Qualify for Giveaways
  • Qualify for Special Events
  • Claim a share of the PYR monthly pool
  • Whatever else Vulcan decides

How Can I Earn Lava?

*The below Lava earned actions are subject to change at any time and more will be added at the discretion of Vulcan.

Win Vulcanite Battle in VulcanVerse 2
Win a game of Forge Arena 5
Lose a game of Forge Arena 3
Win a game of Berserk 10
Lose a game of Berserk 3
Get appreciation on your land 5
Win a game of speed chess 5
Log in to VulcanVerse (once per day) 5
Successful Forage 5
Someone uses your land as a portal 5
Record plot data to the blockchain 5
User joins your quest “CYOQ 5
Open foraged chest in Vulcan City 5
Successful defense of a spy 5
Appreciate someone else's plot (max 5 per day) 5
Make a friend connection 2
Add profile picture and username 5
Join a Quest 5
Take a screenshot of land (2 per day) 5
Make plot agreements with neighbors in a day 10
Visit 4 quadrant landmarks in a day 20
Beat 4 different quadrant vulcanites in a day 20
Trade Materials with 5 different users in a day 20
10 successful forages in a day 30
10 successful spies in a day 30
Successful blueprints steal 10
Being on the winning side during Berserk day 10
Refer a user who earns 50 LAVA 20
Someone rents your plot 20
Travel X distance (per 5km) 50
Log into VulcanVerse 7 days in a row 50
Visit Landmarks, per landmark (once only) 50
Win 10 Vulcanite battles in a row 50
Successful blueprint craft (depending on level) 10-100
Level up one plot of Land 100
Level up God 100
Land hits 100 appreciations (per 100) 100
Max out Vulcanite 200
Voted into Philosopher Council 200
Tournament Placements (1 to 10) 100-1000
Forage successfully in all 4 quadrants in a day 30
Win 30 battles in a day 50
Ride a Vulcanite for 5km in a day 50
Travel 2k on foot in VulcanVerse in a day 50
Complete summoning spell 50
Gain account accolade 50
Use summoning spell at Thanatos 100
Mount your first Vulcanite 100
Feature on Vulcan Radio 200
Lava Pits 10-500

How do I calculate my share of the LAVA Pool?

(Play to Earn)

Vulcan is allocating 10% of the entire PYR supply into the LAVA (Play-to-Earn) rewards pool, over a period of 24 months.

Currently, 10% of PYR supply (5,000,000 tokens) will be unlocked over a 24 Month period.

Each month, users will receive xPYR where x is the % of PYR in the play-to-earn pool, relative to the user’s LAVA count earned versus the total amount of LAVA earned by all users

Only Hot Lava earned is taken into account when calculating the share of PYR from lava earned. Rewards will be paid out monthly into your My Forge account.