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How do I create a My Forge account?

You can create a Vulcan Forged My Forge account by visiting and navigating to “Don’t have an account? Sign up” and clicking Sign up.

You will then be asked to create a username, asked for an email address, to create a password and add a referral link if you have one.

A verification email will be sent to your email, follow the instructions to set up a pin.

The next step will be to set up Two Factor authentication. Which is required for most transactions inside your Vulcan Forged account.

Congratulations! you have created your Vulcan Forged My Forge account.

How do I access My Forge account?

Simply navigate to http: // and log in. If you haven’t yet created a My Forge account, follow these instructions to do so -

What is a Cedalion?

In Greek mythology, Cedalion (Classical Greek Κηδαλίων) was a servant and employee of Hephaestus in Lemnos. Hephaestus, to the Romans, was Vulcan — and so we at Vulcan Forged have taken the Cedalion name for our scholarship program.

Anyone can become a Cedalion. Being a Cedalion allows you to enter VulcanVerse using somebody else’s land; you rent the land plot NFT from them, either for free or for a charge, depending on what you want to do. Becoming a Cedalion allows you to play-to-earn in VulcanVerse.

Land set aside for Cedalions to rent can be found in My Forge under the Cedalion Program heading. Here, you can browse available land and choose something that suits you, either based on VulcanVerse quadrant, length of rent or of course, cost.

As a Cedalion, you can start earning Cold $LAVA, which will become Hot $LAVA you can claim when you have earned enough XP.

Getting Started

Vulcan Forged is an NFT dApp ecosystem, game studio, and NFT marketplace. Creators of Vulcanverse, Berserk, Forge Arena, BlockBabies, powered by the Utility Token $PYR

Here are some useful links:

What is the PYR Market Wallet?

The PYR Market Wallet enables a user to interact with the marketplace. As bidding on items requires instantaneous confirmation, it is impractical to wait for every bidder to transfer their PYR to an escrow wallet before the bid is allowed (and then transfer it back again if they are outbid).

For this reason we have created a smart contract where you convert your PYR from your PYR Main Wallet to your PYR Market Wallet (1:1 ratio), and use the PYR in your PYR Market Wallet to bid which is instant. You can then transfer your PYR back to the PYR Main Wallet whenever you like.

For Support Please join our Discord at Join the VulcanVerse Discord Server! or use our help button.

Can you withdraw PYR from My Forge to an external wallet?

Yes, you can withdraw your $PYR balance to an external wallet. Note that there are two types of $PYR - PYR | POLYGON (MATIC) and PYR | ETH. Ensure that your receiving wallet is on the correct network prior to withdrawing.

What are the $PYR and $LAVA contract addresses?







Note - the contract addresses for both types of $PYR are the same.

Fueled by PYR Token

What is PYR?

PYR is an ERC-20 token being ported to Matic. This means those from the ETH community have access to buying it, but as we’re using a Layer 2 solution, there are next to zero gas fees involved in using it. It will be used across all dApps and games in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

What can I do with PYR?

There are several utilities: buy/sell in our marketplace, stake in land, Titans or Olympians, stake and farm on Vulcandex, hold to become a dApp in our marketplace, earn it by simply playing, or stake it in VulcanDex. There are many more utilities coming but these will be the first main functions.

$PYR Whitepaper:

$PYR powers the entire Vulcan Forged dApp ecosystem

Vulcan Forged carefully crafted this token together with our blockchain partner Polygon (previously Matic).

We believe that the $PYR token will play a key role in our mission to revolutionize the play-to-earn concept in gaming.

It can be earned in a myriad of ways just by playing the many Vulcan Forged dApps.

The primary use for $PYR will be as a form of currency in the Vulcan Forged marketplace (

To interact with the Marketplace (auctions, trades etc) you must first move PYR from “Main Wallet” to “Market Wallet”.


The Vulcan Foundation will fund a staking PYR reward pool with 10M initial tokens released over a 48 month period.

Along with the foundation’s contributions, the pools will be added to in four ways (for now), each time equally divided between the two:

50% of the fee taken from every Vulcan Marketplace transaction will go into the reward pool 10% of every fee taken from direct asset sales (Berserk cards, or Vulcanites for example) will go into the reward pool.

50% of every upgrade fee for land, Titans, and Olympians will go into the reward pool

10% of every prize pool and tournament fee setup in the Frenzy game goes to the reward pool.

Inside of the flagship game VulcanVerse, the major use case for $PYR is in leveling up and staking in your NFT land(s) and NFT God(s). Each level increase (up to level 7) will have a $PYR fee and also require a $PYR deposit in the form of token staking.

The fee is non-refundable but the staked coins can be removed at any time. Removing staked coins will, however; lower the level of your land or God to the corresponding amount of $PYR remaining staked (e.g. removing X amount could reduce your land from level 4 to level 2). Upgraded land is eligible for monthly $PYR rewards from the $PYR staking reward pool.

The level and quantity of your lands compared to the levels of all other lands in VulcanVerse will determine how much you will receive as part of the monthly $PYR reward pool dividends.

Leveling up your land allows for increased access to more building tools, better assets, and treasure pits worth greater value. Using $PYR to level up your God will not only change the dynamic nature of your NFT image (as there are unique images for each of the 24 God’s 7 levels), but will also do four critical things:

  • A level 7 God will grant you access to Elysium, an exclusive area inside VulcanVerse where you can use your vulcanite to forage (search) for ultra-rare NFTs from the Vaults of Vulcan.
  • Raise your percentage of the monthly reward pool by 10% per level increase (e.g. if you earned 100 $PYR, with a 10% increase, you would receive 110 $PYR). Larger reward pool earnings = more $PYR to use within the Vulcan Forged ecosystem!
  • Raise your percentage of $LAVA won while playing Vulcan Forged games by a 10% per level increase. $LAVA is used for numerous purposes across Vulcan Forged dApps, such as leveling up your vulcanite’s stats.
  • Reduce the seller’s fee in the marketplace reaching 0% at level 7. All of the NFT items you find while foraging, earn by completing quests, etc. in-game can be sold on the marketplace. Reduced seller’s fee = larger $PYR profits!

Centralized *Has PYR/Polygon network withdrawals


Direct Link to Uniswap Market:

erc20 Token Contract address: 0x9534ad65fb398e27ac8f4251dae1780b989d136e

Direct Link to Quickswap Market:

Polygon Token Contract address: 0x348e62131fce2F4e0d5ead3Fe1719Bc039B380A9

You need to set up metamask with your own personal wallet address, it can display your wallet on both the polygon network and ethereum network

As of right now, Pyr on kucoin is ethereum erc-20 token. You can withdraw to your metamask wallet address, it will be on ethereum network. Using the matic bridge with metamask, you can bridge the Pyr erc-20 tokens on the ethereum network over to the polygon network, at the same address in your metamask

Then on the polygon network, you can send that pyr to MyForge wallet

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Once a player has earned a total of 10k XP (XP is earned through most in-game actions) their account becomes eligible to earn $LAVA, the Vulcan Forged ecosystems Play-to-Earn token.

You earn XP by carrying out simple tasks such as the following examples:
- Foraging, Battling, Spying, or Defending with your Vulcanites
- Visiting Landmarks in VulcanVerse
- Trading materials in VulcanVerse
- Completing Quests
- Winning or losing in any of Vulcan Forged games
When you play VulcanVerse, you will be consistently earning $LAVA. This is based on the XP (experience points) you make in game. Your $LAVA rewards will be calculated on an hourly basis. This will be based on the XP percentage earned for each player during that time. Other Vulcan Forged Games have different LAVA earning systems currently based on set XP/LAVA ratios

Inside VulcanVerse there are Gods in the form of Titans and Olympians based on Greco-Roman mythology. These gods are not physically represented in-game but have a plethora of blessings and abilities to grant players, according to their own lore.

The 12 Titans are the children of Uranus and Gaea (Sky and Earth) and are comprised of: Cronus (Ruler of the Universe) Hyperion (God Of Light & Observation) Crius (God Of Constellations) Coeus (God of Wisdom, And Foresight) Oceanus (God of Sea and Water), Iapetus (God of Mortality) Thea (Goddess Of The Sun & Light) Rhea (Goddess Of Fertility) Themis (Goddess Of Law, Order & Justice) Mnemosyne (Goddess Of Memory) Phoebe (Goddess Of Intellect & Prophecy) Tethys (Goddess Of Fresh Water)

In Vulcanverse your Vulcanites get sent foraging, depending on their level and stats you have a lower/higher chance of finding an NFT, these come in various types, from items that provide buffs to spells, seeds and fragments that can be used to summon Vulcanites. You can also find Berserk NFTs in-game, these cards can be used in our CCG Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed.

Once a player has earned a total of 10k XP (XP is earned through most in-game actions) their account becomes eligible to earn $LAVA, the Vulcan Forged ecosystems Play-to-Earn token. Having reached the threshold of 10k XP, all actions that earn XP now also earn $LAVA.

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PYRToken 4

What is the difference between Cold LAVA and Hot LAVA?

In the simplest terms, $LAVA is the play-to-earn token generated from gameplay across the Vulcan Forged ecosystem. You play our games, you earn $LAVA.. though there is a little more depth to it than that. The life-blood of the ecosystem, the little brother of $PYR, $LAVA can be used to buy materials, upgrade Vulcanites, Gods and land (when combined with XP), and traded for $PYR or $USDC using the VulcanDex.

$LAVA can be earned through means other than playing games. Referring new users (subject to them earning enough XP) and holding $PYR in your My Forge account will generate $LAVA.

$LAVA Token Contract: 0xb4666B7402D287347DbBDC4EA5b30E80C376c0B3

All earned $LAVA can be tracked in My Forge and starts as Cold $LAVA. It will stay as Cold $LAVA until a user has earned 10,000 XP and then, over the course of 3 days it heats up, where it becomes Hot $LAVA. Once your $LAVA is Hot, you are able to claim it and do with it what you want.

How do you get XP?

We reward users with XP, an off-chain value linked to wallets, by simply playing and engaging with any Vulcan Forged made or hosted game.

    Here some of the ways you can earn XP:
  • Win matches in any Vulcan Forged games e.g. Berserk, Block Babies, Forge Arena, Chess
  • Explore our giant Virtual World VulcanVerse (measured in time played, landmarks visited etc)
  • Receive ‘Appreciations’ of your land in VulcanVerse
  • Foraging in VulcanVerse (different amounts of XP depending on what your Vulcanite uncovers)

XP is not a token like our $PYR and $LAVA tokens and therefore holds no monetary value, is held off-chain and cannot be traded. However, XP is also required to upgrade assets across our ecosystem including VulcanVerse land as well as assigning powers to various cards.

‘Hoarding’ or spending your XP is your choice.

MyForge Wallet

MyForge is the central hub for all Vulcan Forged products

From here users can manage their assets, connect to the marketplace, stake their tokens and upgrade their characters

These wallets allow storage of crosschain NFTs and PYR and various other cryptocurrencies, so you can handle it all in one place. We’ll take care of the rest.

Here is a video on how to create a MyForge wallet: Create a Myforge Wallet

VulcanVerse 101 — The Basics

VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) backed by blockchain technology with lore written by fighting fantasy authors along with 5 Gamebooks to truly lose yourself in the magic. What this means is that inside VulcanVerse, players can truly own assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

By owning and improving their land parcels (each sized 20m x 20m and represented by non-fungible tokens, NFTs), players are able to move up the seven “Tiers to the new Olympus” levels. Reaching a higher rank gives you access to new features, building tools, and Vulcanites (collectible NFT creatures that accompany you along your journey).

The primary assets that can be owned are Land, Vulcanites, Gods, and Items. There are numerous secondary assets as well and more in development.

ForgedArena 1


Block Babies

Head over to and sneak a peek at what we’ve been stirrin’ up!

#Blockchain #BlockchainGaming #cryptocurrency #NFT #NFTCommunity #NFTcollection #gaming #gamers

The elements of Block Babies

Introducing you to the Lead Babies


If you think these are just a bunch of adorable-wide-eyed-squishy poster babies, think twice! Lead Babies are the star performers who battle and quest to gain experience and to climb the nursery leaderboard. With each baby possessing attributes like adorability, persuasion, patience, sleep skills, appetite, playfulness, obedience, kindness, intelligence and dexterity, these babies are your gateway to gaining experience and earning subsequent rewards!

Team Babies role


Team Babies do not possess any attributes of their own. But hey! If you ever had to count on a team member to give you an edge over your rivals, team babies are the ones you should be looking for to purchase. With Force team babies who fight basis a specific attribute, Defence team babies who stop your rival’s attack and Attack team babies who raise your ability to attack, a lead baby then becomes unstoppable! Watch out for these munchkins who always got your back!

Rare and invaluable, making enemies frighten, Battle intensifies with each item!

Just how could one miss talking about items while talking about the team and lead babies? Indispensable to the battle and questing experience, these items can either be used to quickly increase the stamina, experience and skills of your lead babies or can be used within the battles to provide them with an edge. With Attack and Defence properties, these cutesy nursery items are a must have for any player!


What fees do I pay for when selling an NFT on the marketplace?

It is free to list on the Vulcan Marketplace. There is a 6% fee to the seller on all sold auctions. Owning a Titan or an Olympian God can give you anything between a 10% - 70% discount on that fee depending on their level.

How to Buy, Sell and Trade your NFTs?

Here is a guide to Using the Vulcan Forged NFT Marketplace

The first place we need to visit is your Vulcan Forged wallet. After signing in to your account select the My Wallets Option in the upper right hand of the website.


This should bring up all the wallets in your VulcanForged Account



Now that we’ve ascertained that we have enough funds, and we are ready to transact with the market.

We HAVE to move our PYR | MATIC into the PYR MARKET WALLET (this enables users to interact with the marketplace)

So we have created a smart contract where you move your PYR to the PYR MARKET WALLET (1:1 ratio) and use this to bid which is instant. You can then move your MARKET WALLET BALANCE back to PYR main wallet when you like.

To move PYR | MATIC into MARKET WALLET, simply go to your MARKETPLACE WALLET (Different than your VuclanForged Wallet) by going to your profile picture, and selecting MY WALLET from the MARKETPLACE.


Your MARKETPLACE WALLET contains two tokens your PYR Which are the same as the PYR | MATIC MAIN WALLET from your account, and your MARKET WALLET that holds any converted PYR you may have, to transact and bid with


To move any amount of PYR to the market wallet Simply enter the amount of PYR you wish to move in the right side box and select Transfer Now

To move any amount of PYR back into PYR main wallet, simply enter the amount of PYR you wish to transfer in the left side box, and select Transfer Now

For security purposes, VulcanForged will ask you to enter your pin code and Two Factor Code to swap funds. Simply enter them in the spaces provided and click Swap Now


Once your information has been confirmed, you’ll get a message letting you know the conversion is in progress

NOTE: You may need to refresh the browser in order to see the updated balances

You can do these conversions at any time as you need to purchase things from the marketplace.

Once you ascertain that you have some PYR in your Market wallet in your account, you can check out the marketplace by going to Marketplace to the right of your profile menu


In the marketplace, you will see

  • The search bar at the top, in case you’re looking for something specific
  • Filter to the left, to weed out anything you are not interested in browsing
  • Sort bars, to organize the NFTS either Number of items, price, or by recent

From the filter menu, you can sort and filter the type of NFTs that you’re looking to purchase and selecting apply.


IF you find something that catches your eye, you will see pictures, NFT ID, and pricing details included


Another way to browse through the marketplace is using the Market Activity tab, on the upper left-hand side to display all the items in tabular form.

From here you can see

  • Open Auctions
  • Open Bids
  • Auction History
  • Bid History
  • Open Trades
  • Closed Trades
  • Closed Offers

The search bar in the middle right-hand side can also help you narrow down your search in each of these categories


Once you find what you’re looking for you can select a view to open the Auction

From the auction screen, you will see

  • NFT Name
  • Auction Owner address (VET Address, as it houses the NFTs)
  • Starting Bid price
  • Bid Expiration time
  • Buy Now price
  • NFT Details
  • Bid History
  • Item properties

There are TWO ways to purchase any particular item. The first is through the BIDDING PROCESS and the other is the immediate BUY NOW

The NFT owner sets the minimum he’s willing to accept for the item as the BID PRICE, what he would like to receive for the item as the BUY NOW PRICE, and how long he is willing to wait for the auction to close as the EXPIRY DATE

If you’re not familiar with the bidding process, it works like this

  • You commit your PYR, for the amount in the BID PRICE (The fire will be removed from your balance and be held until the auction closes)
  • Before the auction expires, anyone else is able to enter a price, higher than the lowest bid price, in whatever interval amount the auction owner sets.
  • When the auction comes to an end, the highest bid gets awarded the NFT, and all other bids get their PYR returned to their accounts

If you want to enter a bid, you enter it in the BID price box and select Place Bid

NOTE: If you want to use the Auto-bid feature, you may also enter a number in the box for maximum auto bid, that will automatically place bids in your name up to your maximum amount if anyone bids higher than you

If you are happy with the price you just select Buy Now with PYR

If you select the Buy Now option, you’ll receive a confirmation message


Once you accept, it will process your request, and you should receive your brand new NFT

You can verify that you have received your NFT by selecting MY ITEMS from the User Menu on the upper right-hand corner


Your item will appear in your collection


You may see the item details associated with your NFT by selecting View Item Detail under the NFT you wish to view


Item Details include

  • NFT Name
  • Token ID
  • DappID
  • Current Owner (will be your Vechain address)
  • Edition
  • Level
  • PYR staked
  • Amongst a few others

How to buy PYR?

Here is a detailed guide on how to purchase Vulcan Forged utility token PYR: How to purchase PYR

How to convert PYR|MATIC to PYR|ETH?

The following YouTube video explains how to transfer ETH from Ethereum to Polygon/Matic.

How to Transfer ETH to Matic/Polygon & Use Quickswap (Save $$$ on Gas Fees)

It also shows how to add Matic Mainnet RPC to your MetaMask wallet and perform token swap on Quickswap.

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